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Student Retreat

By Jelani Spencer-Joe, Susquehanna University

Jelani on retreat

From Thursday to Saturday night, I was invited by Denisa to go to a weekend action with the school of humanities in Lichovy- Prosaz! An action is basically a retreat for students in the woods and there are lectures for them to go to with professors as well as other activities.

At first, it was a little scary because the only Americans were me and Alex and although everyone spoke English, I was worried that people would be too embarrassed of their English to speak to us. One of the things I did was take a picture of all of the foods I ate over the weekend because I thought it would be fun to see what kind of “retreat food” the kitchen staff would serve us (post below)! It was nice to be out of the city for a bit and be around people I don’t really know since I feel like I’m always surrounded by people in my program. I couldn’t go to any lectures so I ended up sleeping, talking/ meeting new people, going for hikes, eating (obviously), and just relaxing (something I needed to do more than I thought)!

I feel like I have SO many things to still write about so I’m going to try and be more present on this blog for November and write about even the little things that happen… wish me luck!

Retreat treats by jelani

I decided to take a picture of all the “retreat food” I ate this weekend at Lichovy-Prosaz just because I thought it would be interesting for everyone to see since I know that in America, when I think of retreat food I think of bagged lunches consisting of dry, sandwiches and a piece of fruit. Here’s what I had, in order from left to right:

1) rice with beef and vegetables, mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top and pickles on the side (favorite meal)

2) noodles and chicken in a mystery sauce that looked cheesy but it was more like broth and it didn’t really taste like cheese at all.

3) pork meatloaf with vegetables and boiled potatoes

4) jelly filled donut and then we had the option of getting a roll to put the spreadable cheese, butter, or pate on.

5) chicken(?), potato dumplings, cabbage, (least favorite meal)

6) potato soup with basil, rye and mushrooms

7) chips that taste like bacon (amazing)

8) rice cakes with chocolate on top


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