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Busy two weeks for the new CNMJ students in Prague!

With the beginning of September, a group of 28 CNMJ students joined the ranks of CIEE Prague. First two weeks of their study abroad were far from being stereotypical!

The students got a first chance to gain a hands-on experience with a foreign culture and to enjoy numerous activities organized by the CIEE staff and their Czech flat buddies. These included the Meet-Up Party where the CNMJ students had a chance to get to know students from other programs of CIEE Prague and strengthen the sense of student community. Bowling tournament was a highlight of the party, both for those competing and for those who watched. Congrats to Zachary on winning!



As students are encouraged to visit other parts of the Czech Republic apart from Prague, they were taken on a day trip to Konopiště Castle, the home of Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose assassination sparked the WWI and the Kozel brewery, one of the biggest beer production facilities of its kind.


Students also underwent a number of comprehensive orientation sessions and the Czech Survival course to help them get the most out of the upcoming three months in Prague. We believe this will be a truly unforgettable experience!



Classes and movies and tandems—oh my!

By Alyssa Ostrout, Bryant University

Although I posted a few days ago, I already have a lot to update you all on (I always get a kick out of saying you all when I am addressing an audience on here, as if more than one person reads this from day to day)! So without further ado...yesterday was my first day of real classes (as opposed to the five hours a day for the last two weeks that I've spent only in my intensive language class), which was really exciting because I have been looking forward to classes starting since I got here, and I'll tell you why. The way I see it, the more time I have filled up with things to do, the less time I will have to think about home and the less homesick I will be (solid theory, right?). And my schedule for Mondays is so packed beyond belief that I will barely have time to breathe let alone get homesick. I start class at 8:50 (language), and have two classes directly after that. Then I have an hour and a half break until my next class, which just happens to last three hours. Now I know what you're thinking, a three hour class must be hell, but there are a lot of factors that make the experience a lot less terrifying than it sounds right off the bat. First of all, my teacher is very cool, and he has a British accent that makes him much easier to understand than a lot of my Czech teachers (sorry guys!). Second of all, the class only meets once a week, so it is pretty much like night classes that I took back at my home school (which I hated...but that's beside the point). And the final (and most important) reason why the class won't be terrible, is that we spend the last half of every class watching movies! How awesome is that?! Next week we start Inglorious Bastards, which I am really excited about. Any class that requires us to watch Inglorious Bastards is 100% A-OK in my book.

Yesterday I also had a little extra commitment to pack my Monday's schedule even more. When we first arrived here in the Czech Republic we were informed about this tandem program, which involves meeting with a Czech speaker at least four times throughout the semester in return for 10% extra credit in your Czech class! And considering I can't say no to extra credit, especially when it only requires meeting four times for the rest of the semester, I signed up right away! (Although to be honest I am a little concerned as to whether or not I will actually need the extra credit...I aced both the quiz and exam that we had in our intensive Czech course...but who knows maybe I will end up tanking the semester course. Better safe than sorry, right?). So last night was the event to kick off the tandem program, called tandem "speed dating". To be honest I was a little nervous going into the event, I am very nervous when meeting new people and was afraid that I would find myself with nothing to say to the person sitting across from me. However, the night ended up going really well and I can't wait to hear who I'm going to be paired up with!

IMG_3672Tandem "speed dating"

So I think that's it for now, I'll be czech-ing in again soon!

Cau! (Bye!)