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Christmas time at CIEE Prague!

With the looming end of the semester, the CNMJ students concentrate on their final exams and the last few days they spent growing professionally in the internships. However, even during this hectic period, there is always some time left for fun and cultural immersion.

On December 11, CIEE Prague hosted the Christmas party. Students of all programs were invited together with professors, buddies, home-stay families and local staff members. According to the old Czech tradition, the students received gifts from St. Nicholas, the Christmas Devil, and the Christmas Angel.



Students also had a chance to try one of the Czech Christmas traditions such as gingerbread decorating, making of paper snowflakes etc. And what would be a proper Christmas party without delicious food? Students were invited to taste Czech Christmas meals such as potato salad, fried carp, schnitzels, Christmas bread and tons of cookies.




Apart from the Christmas party, the students had a chance to participate in the group immersion activity they had chosen themselves. They spent a splendid night at the Christmas concert held at the gorgeous Mirror Chapel of Klementinum and grabbed a glass of mulled wine at the Old Town Square's Christmas market. Cheers!


Is this reality?

By Lizzie Maasen, Drake University

There have been too many times this week when I have to stop myself and ask, “Am I really living in Prague right now”? I cannot believe that I’m on my 4th week of living in the Czech Republic! My daily living seems so normal to me at this point yet I still find myself constantly making new observations about this city, the people, and this experience.

This week was my second and final week of my intensive Czech language class! It really is nice to be able to atleast order food in Czech and say a few fun phrases. My favorites so far are “Nazdravi” which means cheers and “Na Shledanou” which means goodbye! While sitting in a classroom for almost 5 hours a day learning a difficult language doesn’t sound like the most fun time, I grew to appreciate the ample amount of time that I was given to adapt to the culture.

It’s now Sunday at 10:20 p.m. and it’s safe to say I’m exhausted from a fun-filled weekend. From being shoved around in a mosh-pit (I didn’t last too long, let’s be real) to celebrating the end of winter Czech style, I definetly celebrated the “orientation” portion of the program being over.

While my entire weekend was kickin’, I have to admit that my favorite parts of the week tend to be those small moments. While I acknowledge the fact that I’m annoying for saying cheesy things, the little moments truly are the best. From walking home along the Charles Bridge to wearing groutfits and running to catch a tram with my friends, I want to make sure I’m remembering the small moments that made this experience that much better.

Classes officially start tomorrow, and I can’t decide whether I’m excited, terrified, or sad.

Estates Theater

This is the gorgeous Estates Theatre in which we had our own box to see Don Giovanni!!


Some weird people with weird masks at a weird traditional Czech festival. Awesome.