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The day I (almost) felt like paparazzi

By Alyssa Ostrout, Bryant University

Yesterday the company I intern for threw some kind of big event called Zažít Město Jinak and asked me to attend and take pictures of the events. And GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? If you guessed that it started raining, then congratulations because you were right on the money. Luckily enough for me I was prepared for rain (FINALLY, I guess I'm starting to catch on to the weather patterns here) and it didn't rain for long so overall it wasn't too shabby. So to be honest I did feel a little like paparazzi walking around snapping pictures of people that looked like they did not want to be photographed at all. Every once in a while I would make eye contact with someone I was trying to capture on film (is that phrase still relevant although most cameras are digital nowadays?) and they would give me this weird look as if they were singing that Mariah Carey song in their head, you know the one that's all like "WHY YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME". Needless to say, when that happened it was not a comfortable experience for any parties involved. Despite all this, however, I did manage to capture a few good moments from the event.

Zažít Město Jinak

Zažít Město Jinak 2
The best thing about yesterday? I didn't have to do any administrative work! Yay! Really hoping that I have more days like this.